Project Audiolac
Sandrainstrasse 3
CH-3007 Bern Switzerland
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Anna Comiotto (lacquer development)

Thanks to:
Flo Kaufmann & Martin Sukale (co-initiators of the project) for sharing knowledge and infrastructure // Johann Fauster for his ongoing experiments on coating 14-inch discs // Peter Auchli for curtain coating 9-inch prototypes // Adi Fl├╝ck, Johann Fauster and Flo Kaufmann for lacquer test cuts // Ramona Records for pressing the first vinyl single prototype // Austrovinyl for electroplating and pressing the first vinyl LP prototype // Peter Auchli for creating the Audiolac logo // Knuchel Farben AG for manufacturing test lacquer according to our recipes.

Video: Anna Comiotto, 2022
Webdesign: Peter Auchli & Zeno Filippini